Four organizations from Bulgaria, Romania and Serbia are partners in the project.
Association “Consult Group” is a non-governmental organization established in the city of Vidin. The subject of the association’s activity is to support the social integration and personal realization of young people; supporting initiatives in the field of business, social work, education, social and ethnic integration; Especially ensuring the free exchange of information and ideas with organizations with related activities. The goals of the association are: building a civil society; raising the level of education of the population; supporting young people and youth communities; development of educational programs, organization of seminars, trainings, workshops; significantly on employment; improving contacts and cooperation between non-governmental organizations, local authorities, businesses and citizens. The organization has its merits in supporting the personal realization of young people, including disadvantaged youth.
The association maintains excellent contacts with non-governmental organizations with similar activities in the neighboring countries – Serbia, Romania and participates in the preparation and management together with them in projects aimed at youth activities and development of the youth society.
Association “Consult Group” has experience in the field of volunteering and the implementation of activities with the participation of foreign youth organizations, as part of our projects were implemented under the programs “Youth in Action”, “National Youth Program” (2011-2015) and program “Erasmus +”. This experience helped us to build a system of standards guaranteeing quality in working with youth and youth communities from different backgrounds.
The team of the “Consult Group” Association is composed of ambitious and active young people, which is essential for the realization of the organization’s goals, as they are fully empathetic and intimately familiar with the problems that concern young people today. The association includes various specialists – athletes, teachers, pedagogues, social workers and psychologists with significant experience in national and international projects.
Canoe-kayak, water and rowing sports club “Bononia”, Vidin is a newly established sports organization established in 2020. The club was originally called “Primorets”, but in 2020 it was renamed “Bononia”. The club has been issued a license to develop water sports by the Bulgarian Canoe-Kayak Federation, it has a sports base that is located on the banks of the Danube River, near the town of Vidin. The club prepares competitors in various types of sports – canoe-kayak, water motor sports and other types of water sports. Part of the club’s efforts are aimed at mass sports and mainly family water sports. With its establishment, the club has focused its efforts on developing the sport of canoe-kayak, since in Vidin this sport has established traditions, a base and personnel. In its first participation for children in the State Team Championship of the country, the club won third place, being the only one in the country that will have a representative at the upcoming Olympic Games in Tokyo. Two coaches work in the Canoe-Kayak Water and Rowing Sports Club “Bononia” Vidin, and there are five more hapless employees who work on a voluntary basis.
Calafat – Duiven Association is a non-governmental organization founded in 2006 based in Calafat, Romania. The organization aims to promote the values of democracy at the local level by developing public-private partnerships, working with the public administration, with other NGOs, in order to promote the interests of the local community. The organization’s mission is to promote the idea of charity through actions aimed at improving the living standards of disadvantaged people; cooperation between two communities in the fields of social, economic, environmental, cultural, health, educational, sports, cultural tourism and agritourism generating cooperative actions with Calafat – Duiven Association. Bringing together the interests of the community in order to benefit from its human potential; protecting the environment, developing friendship between the citizens of Calafat and cross-border cities from neighboring countries.
In recent years, Calafat – Duiven Association has been working in the field of cross-border cooperation. The main development goals are aimed at:
• Strengthening cooperation between people and communities through social inclusion in various cultural and sports activities;
• Encouraging the development of sports by developing strategies and organizing international conferences;
• Increasing positive attitudes and attitudes towards sports;
• Working with youth at risk, by creating a sustainable and supportive environment for social inclusion through sport;
Vega Youth Center is a non-governmental organization founded in December 2000 in the city of Belgrade. The organization is dedicated to building a quality environment for the growth and development of children and youth. Through the promotion of creative work, culture, new technologies, activism, self-organization and non-formal education, the organization’s team strives to promote the sustainability of young people’s actions. Vega YC programs aim to improve the quality of education and promote the development of creativity, visual culture, art, independent culture, activism, sports, environmental awareness and critical thinking of children and youth through various educational and personal training programs. The organization is currently active in two sectors that have different target groups: Non-formal education and youth mobility. The first sector is dedicated to non-formal education and youth mobility and is aimed at all young people living on the territory of Serbia. Several media literacy and media activism trainings have been conducted locally, in cooperation with various municipalities in Belgrade and internationally through European youth projects (Youth in Action and EYF). The organization is very active in disseminating information about youth mobility projects, organizing information events and disseminating information through social media channels. Through the expansion of the international network, Vega YC helps more than 120 Serbian youth to participate in youth exchanges, seminars, trainings and voluntary service projects in various European countries. The organization has been accredited to send and receive volunteers since March 2008. Among the collaborators there are a large number of experienced EVS volunteers who can share their experience.
The role of our partners is crucial for the success of this project. The role of partners to support the team of project initiators, to participate in all project phases, to give ideas, to share experience and resources, to ensure publicity of the project, to engage in the organization of following activities, to ensure intensive and quality preparation of participants, to ensure active involvement of participants in the activities, to foresee measures and mechanisms for inclusion and support of disadvantaged families, to provide online and offline support and mentoring