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Family sports are good way for children and parents to spend time together, encouraging physical activity, but also support communication between all family members. When they play sports together, the frequent conflicts between parents and children decrease and family life can become less stressful. Cooperative family sports and hobbies are important not only for the physically developed children, but also for the education of hard work, persistence, volition and coping with difficulties. These occupations also have an emotional impact on adolescents. The children always want to perform well and are satisfied with the results achieved. In family activities, the child can successfully imitate the activity of adults to feel part of the sporting family team.

In addition, cooperative sporting activities and games strengthen family bonds. Sport not only helps us to be healthier, it brings the family together, which is the most important thing in a persons life. Just a few hours a week spent in sports strengthen the relationships between children and parents and make people more confident in themselves. Time spent together builds intimacy in life, children feel loved, valued and worthy of care. The more time parents spend with children together, the more they can get to know each other.

The project Water adventure games for families is implemented by Consultgrup Association, Bulgaria, leading organization, Calafat - Duiven Association, Romania, Vega Youth Center Association, Serbia and Bononia Club Water and Rowing Sports , Vidin.


Erasmus Mundus, Sport

PROJECT: Water adventure games for families
101049579 - WAG4F - ERASMUS-SPORT-2021-SSCP

01.05.2022 – 31.10.2023


Consult Group Association, Bulgaria


Water and rowing club - Bononia, Bulgaria

Calafat – Duiven Association, Romania

Vega Youth Center, Serbia